Acton Tunichul Makual Cave Tour

By Mimi

Our family went to visit a cave in Belize. It is called the ATM Cave, short for Acton Tunichul Makual. To get there, we took a van on a bumpy road. Then we had to hike for 45 minutes to get to the cave. On the hike, we crossed rivers and heard screaming ants.


In the ATM cave when we were done swimming, we climbed up a boulder and saw some artifacts. Later I learned about them and guess what? The Mayan’s ceremonial rituals included offerings in handmade vases or pots. These included blood, handmade chocolate, vapor from food and human sacrifices. At the end, part of the ceremony was to throw the pots or vases onto the ground so they would smash. The Mayans just left them there. I also saw human bones and pots like the smashed vases, they were growing crystals on them. I think they crystals were formed by either drips from stalactites dripping down or tiny waterfalls from holes up above washing down on those items. Or a mix. When we were swimming, I saw some cool rocks, from big boulders, big rocks in the water to tiny pebbles tossing and turning in the current. It was really fun, plus I like swimming and the hike was nice. This place is great!


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