Easter in Bali

We arrived late in Bali the day before Easter and got picked up by our car that took us to meet up with all the other world schooling families south from Denpasar where the airport in a small town on the beach called Balangan it was primarily a surfer hang out but we overran it with kids for the Easter holiday, we met a ton of new families and the place was perfect for us.  After we settled in we got to work as the Easter bunny and even supplied some of the other families with candy for Easter morning.


The next morning we got up and had a fun family celebration and then joined everyone for breakfast and swam to our hearts content until the afternoon when we had an Easter Egg hunt.  Thanks to Jimi for putting together a video of the kids Easter egg hunt  It was a very successful we enjoyed the relaxation and warm weather but missed everyone back at home.

The sunset that night gave us one of the most spectacular sunsets of the trip in an amazing location.


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