Fish Food

On Friday we went into town for dinner and ate street food from a night market, it seems to be the cheapest and the kids can eat whatever they want.  As we were heading back Maddy and I decided to surprise the kids with a stop off at the Fish Spa.  The kids were super excited at first to get their toes nibbled but after we got our feet washed and were about to put our feet into the tanks, Caroline completely chickened out and Julie just stuck her feet in for 10 seconds or less.  Only Maddy, Mirabelle and I lasted the whole 15 minutes.  It was all quite ridiculous… Maddy said it felt like lots of little electric shocks and I thought it felt like the tingling when your foot falls asleep.  Maddy was sitting in the window facing the street and made enough of commotion… laughing and shrieking that she attracted people who took photographs of her.  It was good for a laugh, well check that off our list.



One thought on “Fish Food

  1. I haven’t had the courage to try this when I’ve traveled to Asian countries but it sounds like it was a good experience for Maddy, at least. Not sure little electric shocks is what I’m going for!


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