Last Days in Bangkok

We have a breaking update, according to Thai tradition Julie is the older twin?!?!?!?!  What???  So the according to Nareekan’s uncle Toy the twin that sits above the other in the womb is the older one in the Thai tradition; Julie sat on top of Mimi for the entire pregnancy.  This has caused much upheaval in the pecking order in our family, so we decided this will apply only for as long as we are in Thailand.  We might be setting Julie on a path to move to Thailand at some point in the future.

On Thursday we completed a longer day of school to make up for some shorter days when we had plans with Nareekan but in the afternoon we returned back to the Grand Palace area using the subway and then taking a boat up the Chao Privaya River and visited the Reclining Buddha.  The reclining Buddha is a huge golden statue of Buddha laying down inside a huge temple.  On one side of the temple you could make alms to the monks by purchasing a small cup filled with coins and then place the coins in about 500 bowls lined up along the temple.


We then had a drink at a restaurant as the sun went down overlooking Wat Arun, producing spectacular pictures.  We had dinner and headed home for much needed rest.  We are slowly beating our jet lag but it is hard to stay up past 8pm when the kids go to bed.  Otherwise no major colds or tummy trouble to report.

Friday we went to the aquarium which of course is located beneath a fancy mall which are everywhere in Bangkok.  It was actually a very good aquarium including species such as sharks, manta rays, penguins and turtles.  The kids had a blast and Maddy and I were entertained as well.

Saturday we went to the floating market, we hired a car to drive us an hour west of Bangkok to the Damnoen Saduak Floating market.  It was pretty well overpriced but it was fun to bop around in our boat and look at souvenirs.  I got a bowl of Tom Yom soup my favorite, it almost burned my face off (from the spice) but very tasty.  I took a timelapse of the boat ride in the floating market and posted it.

It was a great excursion while we waited for our flight at 10:30.  I think I mis-read the am/pm sign when I book the tickets to Chiang Mai.  Anyway we were able to extent our airbnb until the early evening and then headed to the airport after a last meal of brazed fish in Bangkok.


Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok


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