Travel Trotter is back!!


After a being home for 6 months after our amazing trip through South America we were eager to travel more as a family. We weren’t sure, however, if now was the right moment for another trip. The kids, Maddy and I were getting readjusted back to life back at home.  At the end of the day, we finally decided that this is a really unique opportunity to show our kids the world, and it is rare to have the time, the flexibility, and the resources to pull it off. If we don’t go now, who knows if we would again in the near future.  Life is short and there are too many places to see!

So we will be taking off and traveling around Asia from January through July.  We’ll start with a few months in Southeast Asia, then a month in Bali and onto China and Japan. I have attached our tentative travel itinerary below and would love to hear from anyone who has recommendation for that special beaches, a can’t-miss natural wonder or the best spot for Pho, also any areas to avoid due to smoke or smog (e.g., Chang Mai in March).  We also would love to meet up with any friends, and would gladly shift our itinerary to see you.

We aren’t going to be getting a car this time and will be essentially backpacking through Asia.  I can hear the whining already; can’t you?  We will be taking planes, trains, buses, boats and what ever else we can ride.  We will also be staying in places longer… last year we visited 5 countries, drove 13,600 miles and stayed in 46 different locations.  This year we are planning only around 25 stops and will likely do most of our long distance traveling by plane with 8 countries planned.

As for schooling we are going to change it up this time and do a e-school through our local district, we think it will help the kids stay on track with grade-appropriate curriculum. We look forward to Skype sessions with teachers and tutors and anyone else who wants to chat.


Thailand              January 1 through 15

1/1/2018            1/4/2018            Bangkok

1/4/2018            1/15/2018          Chang Mai

Cambodia           January 15 through February 1

1/15/2018          1/18/2018          Siem Reap – Ankor Wat

1/18/2018          1/20/2018          Phnom Penh

1/20/2018          1/28/2018          Sihanouk

1/28/2018          1/30/2018          Mekong River to Ho chi Min City

Vietnam              February 1 through February 20

1/30/2018          2/2/2018            Ho Chi Min City

2/2/2018            2/10/2018          Hoi An

2/10/2018          2/13/2018          Hanoi

2/13/2018          2/20/2018          Ha Long Bay

Laos      February 20 through March 1

2/20/2018          2/25/2018          Vang Vieng

2/25/2018          3/1/2018            Luang Prabang

Thailand              March 1 through March 20

3/1/2018            3/15/2018         Koh Lanta & other islands

Malaysia             March 20 through April 1

3/15/2018          3/24/2018          Langkawi

3/24/2018          3/28/2018          Kuala Lumpur

3/28/2018          4/1/2018            Singapore

Bali/ Indonesia  April 1 through May 14

4/1/2018            5/14/2018           Ubud & Canggu

China    May 14 through 31

5/14/2018          5/23/2018          Hong Kong/Macau

5/23/2018          6/1/2018            Beijing

Japan    June 1 through July 1

6/1/2018          6/10/2018            Tokyo

6/10/2018          6/22/2018          Osaka

6/22/2018          7/1/2018            Sapporo


3 thoughts on “Travel Trotter is back!!

  1. I think that is wonderful. It’s going to be an amazing adventure for sure. I’m hooked on documentaries on Netflix. If you get Netflix, check out the documentary called “Departures”. It’s about two young men who take a year off and travel the world. There are three seasons on Netflix. They travel to Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Indonesia Japan and many other really interesting countries. I think you really should check it out and get some ideas of places to visit.


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