Last Days in Rio and the flight home

I got back in Rio on Saturday afternoon and we went out to the Feira de Sao Cristovao, a permanent market with music and food and all sorts of kitsch for sale.  We finished up our souvenir hunting, ate dinner and then headed back home before it got too dark.

The next day we perused another market and then sat on Ipanema beach for the rest of the day for our last full day in Rio and in South America.

On Monday I needed to receive additional money for the sale of the car which took most of the morning and then headed to the airport after packing.  Our plane to Miami was having mechanical trouble so they rerouted us to NYC, which the girls were ecstatic about and we also got to go and see Priya, one of Maddy’s good friends due to a 9 hour layover.  The overnight flight to NYC was uneventful and we grabbed a taxi and met with Priya and ate breakfast at her office, in the Trump tower of course.  Priya calls it the Temple of Doom.  We were in lower Manhattan on wall street so we walked to the Statue of liberty tour boat, and we saw the stock market, the first capitol of the US, where George Washington was inaugurated.  Trinity church, the freedom tower, the fearless girl and then the statue of Liberty.


We had lunch again with Priya and then headed to the airport for our flight to Chicago.  The girls watch movies and played on ipads and were well behaved.

IMG_3415We arrived at 7 in the windy city and Hannah our old nanny picked us up in our minivan from home and two hours later we were home sweet home.  Nana was there to meet us at our house and stock our fridge with breakfast for us.  Thanks Nana!


2 thoughts on “Last Days in Rio and the flight home

  1. Your welcome back to the USA is too perfect- Statue of Liberty on your first day back?! Wow. I bet it’s good to be home. I have loved following your journey.


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