Sunday morning the girls woke up to what the Easter bunny had brought for them, each got a set of pens and a coloring book and a chocolate egg with toys inside; they were ecstatic with their presents.  It is interesting how they got so much less than they had gotten in previous years but they didn’t even notice, and actually played with their toys more than once.  We dressed up the kids and headed to church at the catedral Metropolitana de Florianopolis.  We were a half an hour early, image that, it was a very pretty church but very small, not too many people were dressed up, some showed up in t-shirts.  The service was in Portuguese so we didn’t understand much but it was easy to pick out the typical catholic mass parts, it was a great experience but the kids were getting restless by the end and we left after communion.  We grilled our Easter meal and did Facetime with our families, it was overcast and rainy for the rest of the day so we relaxed at home and packed up our stuff for the trip to Curitiba.



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