Animals of Patagonia by Caroline

We have seen many different animals in Patagonia. The Hairy Armadillo is one of my favorites, he lives under the ground and we saw it 2 times!  My dad likes them too.


These are the Megellanic Penguins; I like penguins we did not see them in Patagonia but we saw them in Chile.

IMG_0603 (2)


Now this one we saw at the Puerto Moreno glacier it looks like a cross between a hawk and an eagle but it was a Caracara bird.


The next animal is the Huemel deer, we saw it on the road to Bariloche. It was huge and it had a large rack of antlers.

IMG_2124 (2)

The last one is the Lama Guanaco. We have seen the lama many times in the car, but never outside the windows of our hotel, like we saw the lama in Bolivia. I like the Lama Guanaco.




2 thoughts on “Animals of Patagonia by Caroline

  1. Caroline,
    Good pictures of the animals and I loved reading your blog. I’ll watch for another one from you, I like the way you write. Miss you. Love, Nana


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