Punta del Diablo

We only had a three drive to Punta del Diablo so we stopped to explore the ultra posh beach town of Punta del Este. The town was very certainly an upscale surf town, lots of tall condos and fancy water front property.  We ate lunch at a local cafe which served up some tasty squid and french fries.  After lunch I grabbed a coffee, which is very unlike me before hitting the road again, it seems the small coffee espresso types are what they are into in this region of SA.

We checked into our cabana around 5, we had a pool but it was too cold to use it.  The house had a some interesting construction, the stairs seemed a bit dangerous and there holes in the walls and ceiling letting the mosquitoes in at night. We watched the sunset and hit the sack pretty early, but had to fight off mosquitoes during the night.


The next morning we completed our school and then headed down to the beach for lunch, the surf was rolling in pretty well and there were probably 20-30 surfers out in the water despite the rainy cold weather.  We had lunch overlooking the water and let the kids play on some granite boulders along the shore. The kids were happy until Mirabelle cut her foot running away from some waves and we went back home.  The cut wasn’t bad, nothing an Olaf band-aid couldn’t heal.

IMG_2541Maddy had some calls in the afternoon and the kids were engrossed in their ipads so I went out and watched a soccer game at one of the local watering holes.  Juventus pummeled Barcelona in a quarterfinal of the Euro Champions league.  After observing some interesting characters at the make shift pub I headed home and cooked dinner for the family.  That night we did battle with the mosquitoes again, I killed many but with a constantly refreshing supply it was a losing battle.  We were glad that we weren’t staying another night.  The Brazilian Frontiera awaits.


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