Lake Country

We left the Colchogua valley on Sunday morning driving seven hours south to lake country of Chile, we arrived at Lago Villarrica which is located beneath the Volcano of the same name and looms over the area with a cap of snow and a wisp of smoke at the top.  We arrived at our cabana for the next 11 days and met the owners who were homeopathic doctors from Seattle.


We settled in and took in the sunset with views of almost the entire lake.  On Monday we completed school and Maddy tried to work at our place but couldn’t get decent internet so she drove down to town; school was very hard after the weekend, nobody wanted to do anything.  We finally finished up school at 2pm which was very late for us, Maddy came back and we all went to the beach.  It was really warm and the lake was nice enough to swim in, the sand was a dark volcanic color which the girls thought was pretty cool.  We had dinner out in Pucon, looked at some options for activities in the area and then went grocery shopping.

The next day after getting situated we grabbed our list of the best waterfalls in the area and hit the best two, Salto Leon and Salto La China, both were amazing, both were located on the northern side of Volcano Villarica and were about a 1 hour ride from Pucan.  Salto Leon was a double fall with quite a bit of water flowing over while the Salto La China was smaller with a more accessible pool.  La China also had a Canopy or zip-line for the kids; yessss check that off the list, for cheap too.  It was Julie’s first time doing the zip-line after refusing last year in Costa Rica, good for her!!

We tried to go to a termas or hot springs but they were cleaning their pools.  We headed back to our Cabana and cooked dinner put the kids to bed and enjoyed an amazing sunset.



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