Get to the Beach!!!

We finished our time in the Atacama desert by doubling back to the pool to look for a towel and water bottle.  No luck.  We sped out of town and got a look at the geology of the valley of the moon.  We had a long drive of 8 hours some of which was on the coast.  It looked a lot like the rugged California coast but totally parched with very little vegetation.  Maddy insisted on stopping at a sculpture called Mano del desierto.

Mano del desierto

we finally arrived at Bahia Inglasia our beach town for several days, we went out for Sushi as the kids were clamoring for it. Then walked the beach and watched the sunset.

Our beach!
Our Pool!

The next couple of days we did a combination of school work and beach time.  Maddy also got some good time at vchief.  The beaches were full of shells and the cove that the town was located in was an interesting mix of rocky promenades and beaches.  The girls had a great time exploring and collecting shells.  We spent a ton of time in the pool as well, we finally got a kitchen and started making some of our own meals.  It was fantastic to have more energy associated with being at sea level.  The weather was gorgeous and we were happy to be getting our beach time in.


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