10 days until departure

Por Dios!!!  There are only 10 days until we leave for 6 months.  So here is where we stand, the van has been mostly purchased, the house has been sort of rented, the visas have not been received (although we have found out these you just get in Bolivia) and the house is not so much packed up.  we are kinda freaking out, this is doable right?

We did get plates for our van that is currently hanging out in Lima, Peru.  we have a family that is interested in the house but haven’t committed yet, and there is too much snow to re-install the solar panels after our new roof was installed.  The girls are very excited about Christmas and just realized that they will not be going back to school for nine months.  It’s going to be a crazy last 10 days but we will get it all done.  Hasta Luego


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